Digital CDI for other motorcycles

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Digital CDI for Honda Dominator NX250 PD08 Manufactured 1988 to... more
Product information "Digital CDI for other motorcycles"
Digital CDI for
Honda Dominator NX250 PD08 Manufactured 1988 to 93 (Germany)
Honda DAX
Skymax ST50
Vespa Piaggio ET4
  and others …
Please note: We program the CDI ex works with the desired profile. The CDI can also be programmed by the customer and can in principle be adapted to any motorcycle where either a CDI system already exists or in which such a system can be installed. Please see the notes below in the section Programmable CDI.
Made in Germany
Our CDIs are produced in Germany and have evolved into a true success story over the years.
Digital Design
Our ignition boxes are DC-CDIs and a complete redesign of the original CDIs, where many analogue and meanwhile ancient parts were replaced by modern and more robust components.
Replaces the following CDI types:Improved connector placement:Improved start behavior:
CI548 (OEM 30410-KW3-680)
CI548A (OEM 30410-KY7-000)
and others …
The connector is positioned further away from the edge and is better protected against pressure from the seat bench. Ignition is possible for voltages down to 6 volts (e.g. battery aging, cold weather, or long idle times).

Advantages of our digital design

Modern Components

Our digital ignition boxes are DC-CDIs with modern components that have not been available yet when the original CDIs were designed. A sophisticated protection circuit using a special IC protects our CDIs against overvoltages. Thyristors connecting the ignition capacitor with the ignition coil to trigger the ignition were replaced with a modern IGBT. The bipolar transistor of the voltage converter was replaced with an FET with significantly lower switching losses.

Constant Charging Voltage

The charging voltage of the ignition capacitor remains constant even when the engine reaches maximum speed. In the original CDIs, a significant voltage drop can occur since the time frame for recharging the capacitor between ignitions decreases.

Efficient Voltage Converter

Our built-in voltage converter is highly efficient. If the battery voltage falls below a critical threshold (e.g. due to cold temperatures, wear and tear, or long idle times), our CDIs compensate the low voltage with a moderate reduction of the ignition voltage instead of a rigorous increase in the resulting current.

Overvoltage Protection

Our CDIs feature an integrated protection circuit using a special IC. While the analogue CDIs can be critically damaged by faulty voltage controllers, our CDIs are protected against overvoltages, voltage reversals, and other risks (such as loose connector contacts).

Easy Fault Diagnosis

All our ignition boxes are equipped with an indicator light (LED) which lights up for 1 ms with every ignition. From about 2000 RPM upwards, the human eye perceives this as permanent light. When the LED lights up, it is ensured that the CDI is powered by the on-board power supply (fuses, ignition switches, kill switches, plugs etc. are therefore OK) and that the pulse generators function. An error in the ignition system can then be excluded with a high degree of certainty. One obvious conclusion would then be that the fault is in the gas/air mixture (test with start pilot recommended).


Programmable CDI

Type: programmable

We program the CDI ex works with the desired ignition map. In principle, the CDI can therefore be installed and used directly. If desired, the CDI can also be programmed from a computer or laptop via the USB interface within specified limits. The following parameters are adjustable: ignition map, ignition voltage, pulse generator switching edge, sensor type and parameters, and side stand monitoring. The CDI can in principle be used in any motorcycle where either a CDI system already exists or in which such a system can be installed.
Please note: While we can already offer a larger selection of well-tested profiles for other motorcycles, the profiles for the motorcycles listed above are less field-proven. They were mainly designed in cooperation with drivers. Although they have already been used successfully, there may still be room for improvement due to the lower experience values. Depending on the motorcycle, some modifications are also necessary, e.g. the construction of a plug adapter or some soldering to connect the CDI to the 12V on-board power supply. We therefore recommend a basic technical understanding and the willingness to experiment and adapt if necessary.
CDI Converter USB cable Laptop/Computer with Windows
In order to program the CDI, it is connected to a computer with Windows operating system via a converter and USB cable. To do this, plug the converter into the six pins of the CDI and connect it to a USB port of the computer via the connection cable. We offer converters and cables separately in our shop, since only one set of accessories is needed even for programming several CDIs.
The CDI is programmed with our software CDI Tuner. The software is freely available for download together with the required drivers and can be accessed without purchasing a CDI. There are predefined profiles for all supported motorcycles, which can be modified as desired. Links and further information can be found here.
Please check the legal situation regarding modifications. We do not assume any liability for damage or violations of the law.



The CDI has a blue wire (see picture left). This wire exists because motorcycle models with and without side stand monitoring exist that have different pin assignments. For models without side stand monitoring, the wire must remain intact. For models with side stand monitoring, the wire must be cut, e. g. with a side cutter, to activate monitoring.
As with the original CDIs, spark plugs with integrated resistors must be used, recognizable by an R in the designation (e.g. NGK DPR8EA-9).
The dimensions of our CDI (without connector) are: 90 x 60 x 20 mm (3.54 x 2.36 x 0.79 inches).


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